Preparing Your Property for Becoming a Homestay Host

Year after year, students from around the world choose to visit Australia to experience its culture, explore its history, and take in its sights. If you would like to socialise with students from around the world while making some money, you could consider becoming a homestay host. Before you do, it's worth bearing in mind that this isn't a suitable option for everyone. To become eligible, you need to ensure your property is suitable. [Read More]

Heavy Vehicle Drivers: Important Information to Include in Your Work Diary

Different jurisdictions have guidelines about the maximum amount of time that drivers of heavy vehicles should spend working or training in order to manage fatigue. Drivers may, therefore, be required to maintain a diary (digital or hard copy) in order to document the amount of time that they spend performing each activity during their work day. This article discusses some of the information that drivers are trained to record as they perform their duties as heavy vehicle drivers: [Read More]

3 Reasons Your Budding Scientist Should Experiment With an All Girl's Education

There are countless advantages to all-girls schools, but in particular, if your daughter loves science, you may want to consider how an all-female environment could help her achieve her dreams. Here's a look at some of the top reasons budding scientists may be more successful in the long run if they attend a girls' school. 1. High Achievement in Science and Math Is a Mental Game There is absolutely no intrinsic reason why boys should outperform girls at math and science, but they often do. [Read More]

Three Toys That Encourage Toddlers To Talk

There are a number of educational toys for young children that are designed to encourage problem solving, creative play, social interaction and language development. It can be difficult to know what toys are best for the specific skill you want to work on with your child, so if you have a toddler who needs some encouragement to start talking or using language to express their needs and wants, here are three early learning toys that can help with language development: [Read More]