Preparing Your Property for Becoming a Homestay Host

Year after year, students from around the world choose to visit Australia to experience its culture, explore its history, and take in its sights. If you would like to socialise with students from around the world while making some money, you could consider becoming a homestay host. Before you do, it's worth bearing in mind that this isn't a suitable option for everyone. To become eligible, you need to ensure your property is suitable.

Your student needs their own bedroom

If you have kids of your own, the visiting student cannot share a bedroom with them. However, students can share rooms with each other, but they must have their own bed and desk for study purposes. In addition, the student's room must feature:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Complete privacy - this means you cannot use the room for storing your own goods
  • Heating during the winter and cooling measures throughout the summer
  • Access to WiFi, except between certain nighttime hours. You can expect the student to contribute towards the shared costs of Internet and phone bills.

Accessing other areas of the home

As a homestay host, you must allow students to access your living area, dining space, and kitchen. In addition, it's your duty to provide two meals per day per student, which means you should ensure you have adequate space and cooking facilities for achieving this. While you aren't expected to help the student with their laundry, they must have access to a washing machine and it's up to you to provide bedding and towels.

Access to a bathroom is also essential and students should have at least ten minutes per day in which they can shower or bathe. When sharing spaces with a student, you should make yourself aware of cultural differences and needs. For example, students from certain areas may eat in ways you're not familiar with - such as using their fingers or drinking directly from a bowl. Similarly, some students may pray at certain times. By the same note, you can share your house rules with your student and it's a good idea to decide which rooms require particular rules and how you plan to share your living space with the person visiting your home.

Most homestay organisations will not allow you to have more than three students at a time. In addition, only same sex students can share rooms. Before offering your services as a host, always take time to consider other members of the household, as well as what you can provide using the space available to you. For more information, contact companies like Global Booking Service.