How Therapy Dogs Help Children to Read

Every parent would love it if their children have a smooth learning process. Dogs have created a huge difference in the lives of children in various homes and even schools. They are not just pets but they help the children when they are reading aloud. When people hear about therapy dogs, the first thing that comes to their mind is that the dogs are meant to warn anyone of danger. However, these dogs will help children learn how to read and here is how they help them.

Provides a Comfortable Environment

If you tell a child who has a problem reading aloud to read in front of other kids, the child may not be comfortable doing it. This is because the child is afraid the other kids will mock them hence losing their confidence and they will take more time to learn. This is where therapy dogs help. If a child reads to a dog, they will feel that the environment is comfortable because a dog is not in a position to mock them. Children will feel safe even if they make mistakes and they will start gaining confidence to read aloud. Offering your children a comfortable environment when they are studying will help a lot with their learning process. A non-judgmental attitude that therapy dogs offer is essential.

Positive Distraction

Therapy dogs offer the right distraction that will encourage children when they are learning. Negative distractions such as bullying and teasing will only affect the child's ability to learn. A therapy dog will shift the focus away from the mistakes the child makes when they are reading aloud. This will encourage the child to practice more hence sharpening their reading skills. This will also lower the anxiety levels in the child hence performing well.

Encourages Engagement

There are people who always feel that they should be surrounded by other living creatures. A therapy dog offers a common connection for both adults and children if it is used in the classroom because the dog provides a common ground. A dog can help reduce stress levels in children better than what an adult intervention would have done. You will notice that the presence of dogs encourages children to engage positively in any learning activity. Children will have fun going to school and they will enjoy learning. Therapy dogs will leave a lasting impression on the kids and this will motivate them to read more. Dogs will, in turn, boost the self-esteem of the children and they can interact freely.

If you'd like to learn more about how a dog could help your child read, contact local literacy programs.