Three Toys That Encourage Toddlers To Talk

There are a number of educational toys for young children that are designed to encourage problem solving, creative play, social interaction and language development. It can be difficult to know what toys are best for the specific skill you want to work on with your child, so if you have a toddler who needs some encouragement to start talking or using language to express their needs and wants, here are three early learning toys that can help with language development: [Read More]

Understanding What Dangerous Goods Training Involves

Transport law in Australia requires anyone involved in the transport of goods classified as "dangerous" to undergo dangerous goods training and be certified before they can be allowed to ship such goods by road, air, sea or any other mode of transport. This is because dangerous goods transport poses inherent risks that each individual involved in the handling, storage and shipping of these type of goods must know about so they can follow the specified regulations. [Read More]

Working Safely in Closed Spaces

Working in confined spaces is common in the construction and maintenance industries. It is a risky affair. Every year there are many fatalities all over the world that are suffered by people working in closed spaces. To avoid loss of life it is important to get confined space training. Possible risks Confined spaces usually contain a specific health hazard, it could be heat, poisonous or toxic gas, the risk of cave-ins, flooding or falling. [Read More]

Basic Requirements For a Commercial Driving Job

If you enjoy driving and are interested in turning it into a profession, you can start commercial driving. This is when you drive a big truck, whether you drop off supplies to different vendors in your hometown or you drive a semi-truck cross-country. However, there are some specific requirements to meet in order to be licenced and get a commercial driving job. You Need a Commercial Driver's Licence A basic requirement for a commercial driving job is to get a special commercial driver's licence. [Read More]