Basic Requirements For a Commercial Driving Job

If you enjoy driving and are interested in turning it into a profession, you can start commercial driving. This is when you drive a big truck, whether you drop off supplies to different vendors in your hometown or you drive a semi-truck cross-country. However, there are some specific requirements to meet in order to be licenced and get a commercial driving job.

You Need a Commercial Driver's Licence

A basic requirement for a commercial driving job is to get a special commercial driver's licence. The classifications of the licences vary based on the size of the truck, since a small delivery truck is much different from a large semi. In order to get your licence, you not only need to study the materials and take a behind-the-wheel driving test, but you must also show that you are physically healthy enough to handle this type of job. If you have vision issues, sleep disorders, diabetes or mental health disorders, you might be denied a commercial licence. Checking that you have the ability to lift a certain amount may also be required.

You Will Require Proper Training

In addition to the basic driver's training for driving commercial trucks, you likely need additional truck license training for specific types of jobs. The training might vary when you are driving a tow truck compared to driving livestock trucks or delivering large construction equipment across the state. Traineeships are common with commercial driving jobs since they provide more detailed training with the types of truck you will be driving, as well as the actual work you do, such as loading equipment onto the truck. This also allows you to get a good amount of professional experience so you can get full-time employment.

You Must Pass the Driving History and Background Checks

For a commercial driving job, employers want to know you are an honest and trusted individual with a good driving history. They will likely look up your driving history report to find out if you have had any accidents and whether or not they were your fault. There isn't much you can do to prevent someone else rear-ending you, but if you are found to have been driving recklessly, this is a big problem. The background check will also look into your history to see if you have a criminal record or if you were ever arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.